Welcome to Magic Pencil Productions.  My name is Dan Lambert. I am a writer and educator.  I teach English at Pasadena City College and East Los Angeles College.  I am working on two dark fantasy novels. My fiction, articles, and poems appear in such publications as Easy Reader, Torrance People, Other Worlds, Wrapped In Plastic, The Gamer, Games Unplugged, and Autoduel Quarterly.  My poetry also appears in the anthologies Faces of Love, Tales on the Twisted Side, and The Manuscripter Volume II.  My work for The Write Stuff!, the newsletter of The Southwest Manuscripters writers club, has earned me the title of senior editor.
The Alternate Bio (believe at your own risk)...  "Dan Lambert" is the pseudonym for Alastair "Reggie" Trevor-St. Clair, the Australian-born U.F.O. editor for Looking Glass Weekly, the popular daily newspaper of bizarre and unexplained events.  St. Clair is perhaps best-known as the author of "Bill Clinton Clone Found in Martian Canal," the feature article that won the prestigious 1995 Microscope Award for excellence in tabloid journalism.
St. Clair was born in Brisbane on August 23, 1946 to Malcolm Trevor-St. Clair (the renowned Australian World War II flying ace and inventor of the steam-powered helicopter) and his mistress, Winnetka "Winnie" Michaelson (the first known post-operative transexual to give birth to a living child).  While accompanying his father on a top-secret intelligence-gathering trek into the Outback, little Reggie was lost and presumed dead.  He was lovingly raised to manhood by the Bonos, a little-known Aboriginal tribe whose religious belief system is rooted in 1960's American pop culture.  After a well-publicized trial in which St. Clair's parents were falsely accused of killing their son, Reggie was returned to their loving arms on his eighteenth birthday.
St. Clair is currently working on his next book project:  Nagahide Dreams, an exhaustive history of Balinese "sexploitation" cinema.  When not writing, he enjoys fishing, whittling, scuba diving, garbage-can lid collecting, and single-elimination "double-blind" tournament crocodile-wrestling.  He lives in the Topanga Canyon region of Southern California with twelve shorthair cats, over 1500 collectible garbage can lids, and Bruno, his triple-amputee manservant.

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Professor Daniel Lambert is truly devoted to his students and he makes sure that everyone learns to the optimum degree. I was honored to be his student in two college-level English courses at Los Angeles Southwest College. He has been my foundation for my success in college that I graduated with top honors and now I am writing a series of children's books to inspire children and the Youth to achieve their highest potentials. I credit my success as a writer to Professor Daniel Lambert ‘The Best Teacher in The World.’”
                                                                                            --Jose Angel Manaiza (former student and author of Hi! My Name Is Jose!)

“I am a student from Professor Lambert's English class. Professor Lambert is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher that really cares about his students. Professor Lambert's lessons are very systematic and understandable, so the students can easily approach his way of learning English. Professor Lambert has a lot of passion in his lectures, but at the same time, he also teaches the students many life experiences which are useful in the daily lives. Under the stage, Professor Lambert is a true man who is humorous and funny, so people around him can feel a lot of happiness just by talking with him. Professor Lambert is an ethical and honest man; his integrity is built in people's hearts. People can forget a lot of stress from Professor Lambert's speeches because his jokes are marvelous and magnificent. As Professor Lambert's student and friend, I have no hesitation in recommending him as a good professor and employee because I believe his character can fit in any workplace with no problems dealing with work and people.”

                                                                                       --Sam Lee (former student and author of “A Field Trip to See Ray Bradbury.”)

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(Clockwise, from top): Magician Jack Torrance, me, legendary author Ray Bradbury, and my former student Sam Lee.

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Magic Pencil Productions
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